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  A.H. Hirsch 16 Year Old Reserve *------- SOLD OUT    750 ml
Lustrous, rich medium amber-orange with copper-russet highlights; the tight, compact nose has sensuous fragrances of spiced orange, walnut, corn husk, a touch of resin, and most prominently, nougat - while it's anything but expansive, the bouquet subtly draws me in, forcing me to inhale deeper - in the process, layers of aroma unwrap like the delicate skins of an onion - it's as seductive and coy a Bourbon nose as I've come across; in the mouth, this robust, but polite Bourbon confidently offers happily married tastes of caramel, oats, coffee, wood smoke, maple syrup, oak, controlled alcohol, and raisins; there's even a slim trace of sweet sherry in the sublime, firm, heady aftertaste; clearly the best bourbon I've evaluated for SJ to date." [Item #485]
  Anchor Distilling Company Old Potrero 124.40 PROOF  ($63.99)   750 ml
[Item #1]
  Angel's Envy  ($44.99)   750 ml
[Item #645]
  Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky  ($49.99)   750 ml
"A unique corn whisky made from atole, a roasted blue corn meal. We use this rich and nutty corn to produce a whisky that we hope will bring something new to the corn whisky tradition. Baby Blue isnít bourbon or white lighting. It has the freshness and verve of traditional corn whisky, but with a refined complexity. The result is a round nuttiness with roasty overtones and a smooth finish. Baby Blue was the first Texas whisky on the market since prohibition. It is the first and only craft-made whisky to receive 5-point rating from F. Paul Pacultís Spirit Journal [Item #712]
  Balcones Brimstone Texas Scrub Oak Smoked Corn Whiskey  ($49.99)   750 ml
Purification through fire, a Texas oak fire that is. Rather than using Scottish peat smoke, this one of a kind whisky is smoked with sun baked Texas scrub oak using our own secret process. The result is a whisky full of fresh youthful corn and light fruit notes married with a bold smokiness. Whether you like smoky whiskies or just have a penchant for big new flavors, Brimstone is sure to be a memorable pour. Aromas of masa, Texas campfire, and deep stone fruit tempered with an almost salty goodness. Bold yet balanced; Brimstone is yet another Texas first from Balcones. [Item #713]
  Breuckelen Distilling 77 Local Rye and Corn Whiskey  ($44.99)   750 ml
Distilled from Local Rye and Corn . Our 2nd whiskey is produced very much like the black wax whiskey, except we ferment a mash of rye and corn, rather than wheat. This grain combination benefits from some additional time in oak, so it tends to be a little older than the black wax. Distilled from 90% rye and 10% corn, aged a minimum of 206 days in new American Oak [Item #710]
  Breuckelen Distilling 77 Wheat Whiskey  ($44.99)   750 ml
Distilled from New York Wheat This whiskey is produced the same way we make our wheat base spirit for our gin. That means we distill the grain in a manner to retain the character of the wheat. That flavor is then matched with the contribution of the barrel as it matures here in our space. Distilled from 100% wheat [Item #711]
  Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection OATS  ($59.99)   375 ml
[Item #570]
  Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1  ($16.99)   375 ml
The nose on this stuff has lots of sugar cane with a bit of a raw alcohol note. It smells much more like a white rum than any sort of Bourbon. The first thing that hits me is the syrupy mouthfeel and a surprisingly sweet flavor. Only at the end of the palate and on into the finish is there anything resembling whiskey. On that finish, I can feel the Bourbon and even a hint of rye spice. The presence of rye is what separates the Buffalo Trace white dog from corn whiskey, which must be a whopping 80% corn and generally, doesn't include rye. In addition, the Buffalo Trace White Dog is cask strength 62.5% Alc, while most corn whiskey on the market hovers around 40% alcohol. [Item #31]
  Bulleit Rye  ($29.99)   750 ml
Bulleit Small Batch 95 Rye [Item #143]
  Cabin Fever Maple Flavored Whiskey  ($22.99)   750 ml
3 Year Old infused with Pure Vermont Maple [Item #564]
  Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky  ($49.99)   750 ml
Aromas of honeyed raisin toast, grain husk, whole nuts, and delicate anise cookie follow through on a soft, gentle entry to a dryish medium body with oily pistachio brittle, tobacco and subtle baking spice notes. Finishes with touch of melted milk chocolate, earth, and light warming pepper on the easy going finish. A smooth, enveloping, feminine style, with a solid core of subtle flavors [Item #149]
  Colonel E H Taylor Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey bottled in bond  ($99.99)   750 ml
E.H. Taylor Single Barrel is aged exclusively in Warehouse C, which was built by Taylor in 1881 and proven to be an excellent aging warehouse. This bourbon whiskey is very delicate. The aroma carries lightly toasted oak, with dried figs and butterscotch. The sweetness on the tongue remains balanced with tobacco and dark spices that finish just long enough to prepare the palette for another sip. The bottle itself replicates Colonel Taylor's original design used over a century ago [Item #772]
  Colonel E H Taylor Straight Rye  ($79.99)   750 ml
The nose offers classic rye notes: Lots of spice, with no restraint at all in its brashness. Thatís not bad. I like rye to taste like a real rye. Itís sweet, but with lots of power backing it up and a long finish. Taylor has that, and water doesnít impact that body at all (just tones down the alcohol burn). Lots of character to go around: Orange-infused caramel quickly fades and leaps into flavors of red pepper, rhubarb, strawberries, and cinnamon, then fades into an orange-flower honey finish. Great balance, with many layers [Item #719]
  Dry Fly  ($39.99)   375 ml
Dry Fly Cask Strength Straight Wheat Whiskey [Item #3]
  Dry Fly  ($49.99)   750 ml
Dry Fly 100% Wheat Whiskey [Item #717]
  Dry Fly  ($34.99)   375 ml
Dry Fly Cask Port Finish Wheat Whiskey [Item #6]
  Dry Fly Distilling  ($49.99)   750 ml
Dry Fly Wheated Whisky----Patience, friends. Dry Fly uses not only the finest grains, like locally grown malted barley, but they also make this whiskey in small, carefully crafted batches before aging each batch for a minimum of two years in charred whiskey barrels from Bluegrass Cooperage in Tennessee [Item #147]
  Eagle Rare 10 year old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey  ($39.99)   750 ml
[Item #356]
  Eagle Rare 17 Year Old Bourbon Fall 2015 Release SOLD OUT    750 ml
Eagle Rare is an ultrapremium brand of bourbon whiskey distilled and distributed by the Buffalo Trace Distillery as part of its "Antique Collection". It is aged for 17 years in charred oak barrels, an unusually long period of time, even for an ultrapremium brand of whiskey; this is done to give the whiskey more flavor and a smoother finish. Eagle Rare is a single barrel bourbon. The whiskey from each barrel is bottled individually with each bottle bearing the barrel number and in most cases the dates for the beginning and end of aging; none of the whiskey is blended, creating a unique flavor for each barrel. [Item #358]
  Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 69.9 %Alc /139.8 Proof----SOLD OUT    750 ml
[Item #762]
  Elmer T Lee Single Barrel Bourbon SOLD OUT    750 ml
[Item #498]
  Four Roses  ($299.99)   750 ml
2011 Limited Edition Small Batch [Item #745]
  George Dickel Orginal Tennessee Whisky No.12  ($24.99)   750 ml
4 Stars - Highly Recommended - Spirit Journal - F. Paul Pacult 90-95 points Wine Enthusiast: "The delightful bouquet offers potent tobacco ash, paraffin, sweet oak and grain kernel. The palate entry has spirity warmth and tastes of cigarette tobacco, light honey and cereal grain; midpalate texture is creamy and deliciously sooty. Finishes buttery, spirity and clean [Item #600]
  George T. Stagg 15 Year Old Bourbon 2015 Release --SOLD OUT    750 ml
George T. Stagg is a limited-production bourbon whiskey distributed by Buffalo Trace Distillery, as part of the distillery's "Antique Collection " series. It is a high proof uncut and unfiltered bourbon, aged for approximately 15 years. [Item #359]
  High West Distillery "A Midwinter Night Dram" Straight Rye Whiskey  ($139.99)   750 ml
A limited release of Rendezvousģ Rye finished in port and French oak barrels. This is a very unique rye whiskey that tastes like the flavors of Christmas. The name is a play on Shakespeareís A Midsummer Nights Dream. When we first tasted this special whiskey, it seemed perfect for a really cold night, hence, A Midwinter Nightís Dram. [Item #239]
  High West Distillery The 36th Vote Barrel Aged Manhattan  ($54.99)   750 ml
[Item #693]
  High West Whiskey Rendezvous Rye  ($64.99)   750 ml
A blend of two rye whiskies, a 6 year old made from 95% rye and a 16 year old made from 80% rye. 95pts Malt Advocate These are very high percentages of rye, even for a straight rye whisky which only needs to contain 51% rye to meet the definition. It was very clever to marry the vibrancy of a younger whiskey with the depth of a mature whisky. Thanks to the high rye content, this whisky is very spicy, with cinnamon, crisp mint and fennel. Underlying sweet notes of caramel, molasses, vanilla, macaroon, cocoa, and candied fruit provide a calming effect and enhance the whiskeyís complexity. But, in the end, the rye is the victor, emerging with a vengeance and giving the whisky a bold, warming spice finish. Great price, compared to other premium rye whiskeys [Item #690]
  Lot No 40 Canadian Rye Whiskey  ($59.99)   750 ml
2012 Release single Copper Pot Still. Canadian Whiskey of the Year [Item #768]
  Noah's Mill Old Kentucky Bourbon    750 ml
It has managed to maintain its balance of flavors and keep the oak notes from becoming too dominant. Bolder and more masculine than Rowanís Creek, but not as teasing or seductive. Still, itís a great effort [Item #451]
  Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old 90 proof SOLD OUT    750 ml
[Item #183]
  Old Rip Van Winkle Special Reserve 10 Year Old 107 Proof SOLD OUT    750 ml
SOLD OUT [Item #184]
  PAPPY VAN WINKLE Elite RYE Sampler Collection SOLD OUT    750 ml
What could be better for any Rye Enthusiast then the opporunity to try three limited release ryes. We have gathered 3 of the very best for thiselite Rye Collection. This set includes the 1 bottle of 2010 Thomas Handy Straght Rye Whiskey, 1 bottle of Colonel E.H. Taylor Straight Rye, One Bottle of Van Winkel Family Reserve Rye. We present these amazing bottle in a special designed packaging to make this collection a great gift idea. Do to the limited availability we have very few of these set available.

due to the shape and desing of the box we can not ship these bottle in the special package but can still offer the bottle as a collection for shipping.
[Item #434]
  Pappy Van Winkle "Van Winkel Special Reserve 12 year old Lot B" Bourbon- SOLD OUT    750 ml
Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 year old Lot B Bourbon
[Item #526]
  Pappy Van Winkle's 15 Year Old Family Reserve SOLD OUT    750 ml
Pappy Van Winkle's 15 Year Old Family Reserve 98pts BTI: This bourbon represents a younger expression of our famous 20 year old Pappy Van Winkleís Family Reserve. The whiskey in this bottle was produced according to our exclusive family wheated recipe and was specially selected from barrels in the heart of our warehouses here in Kentucky. It has remained undisturbed for 15 years to age in deep-charred heavy oa untouched by human hands unhurried by time. I am proud to set my family name upon it
[Item #524]
  Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Old Family Reserve Bourbon---SOLD OUT    750 ml
[Item #499]
  Redemption High Rye Bourbon  ($27.99)   750 ml
Batch #010 [Item #201]
  Redemption Straight Rye Whiskey  ($29.99)   750 ml
Batch #027 [Item #251]
  Rowan's Creek old Kentucky Bourbon    750 ml
92 pts Malt Advocate: Beautifully balanced, like Kentucky Vintage, but more complex and with greater depth. Itís also not as boldly dry as Pure Kentucky XO. Rather, it is softer and more seductive. This is splendid bourbon! It would be a shame to adulterate this bourbon in any wayódonít even think of mixing it. Find yourself a quiet moment, pour yourself a measure, and savor. [Item #452]
  Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian Whisky  ($24.99)   750 ml
[Item #51]
  Sazerac 18 Year Old Rye 2015 Release ------SOLD OUT    750 ml
Amber chestnut color. Huge, spicy aroma. Very mature, with notes of oak, leather, and molasses. Enormous in every respect, from its thick, chewy texture to its unbelievably spicy and very powerful flavors. The long, warm finish is preceded by notes of mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, vanilla, molasses, oak, leather, and lingering pepper. "This is an amazing, truly unique whiskey. There is no rye whiskey on the market that is as old or perfectly balanced as this one. For all who can't get enough flavors and intensity in your whiskey, your search has ended. [Item #425]
  Single Oak Project by Buffalo Trace  ($69.99)   375 ml
The Single Oak Project may be its most inventive undertaking yet - an industry first. It all started with 96 individually selected American oak trees. These trees were carefully chosen with special consideration for the thickness of the wood grain. Then, staves were made from these trees and kept close together for seasoning. Not just staves of the same tree, but staves of the same half of the tree, both bottom and top, were then made into single oak barrels and uniquely charred. Next, the oak barrels were filled with different whiskeys, altering the combination of mashbill recipe and entry proof used. The barrels were aged in a variety of warehouses , on different floors and in different locations. Each barrel in the Single Oak Project is different from every other barrel in at least one aspect. As the bourbon aged, we prepared ourselves to reveal the results the outcome of the most experimental undertaking of its kind to the whiskey connoisseurs of the world. Savor these unique bourbons and give us your feedback. We want you to share your thoughts with other like-minded whiskey drinkers and have open discussions about this experimental undertaking. We want you to be a part of the exciting, groundbreaking piece of research we call the Single Oak Project. [Item #656]
  St. George Single Malt Whiskey  ($44.99)   750 ml
[Item #345]
  Templeton Rye Small Batch Rye Whiskey  ($39.99)   750 ml
Prohibition Era Recipe Batch # 4 [Item #187]
  Van Winkle Family Reserve 13 Year Old Rye---SOLD OUT  ($149.99)   750 ml
Van Winkle's 13 Year Old Rye has an intense nose that starts off with sweet aromas of lavender, black cherry, and candied orange which then dissolve in to rich notes of dark chocolate, toffee, raisin, and mint. The palate is smooth and balanced, with sweet flavors of fig, cherry, and orange that linger throughout the soft, warming finish EXTREMELY LIMITED ONE BOTTLE PER ORDER [Item #669]
  Whistle Pig The Boss Hog  ($239.99)   750 ml
Spirit of Mortimer bottle [Item #714]
  WhistlePig Straight Rye  ($79.99)   750 ml
WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey is a 100 proof, 100 percent rye whiskey, aged for a minimum of ten years in oak barrels. The whiskey was discovered by Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, who spent over a year on an exhaustive search of North America for the best rye whiskey, and he believes that it embodies the perfect combination of proof, percent, and age -- hitting what he calls "the sweet spot" in all three categories. WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey is hand bottled at the WhistlePig Farm Distillery in Shoreham, Vermont and is available in a limited initial offering of only 1000 cases. On the nose, WhistlePig offers nice wood notes from the oak caks, with hints of vanilla and caramel. Notes of dried orange peel, cinnamon, allspice and clove also appear, hinting at the flavors to be found inside. WhistlePig is a full bodied rye whiskey, something whiskies with less age aren't able to accomplish. Its rich and mouthcoating, offering up classic caramel and vanilla flavors to stand up to the classic rye spiciness that emerges on the mid-palate. Later, dark chocolate and peppermint notes appear at the end. On the finish, WhistlePig straight rye has an almost creamy flavor, leaving notes of oranges, vanilla, allspice and warm caramels to play across the palate before finishing with a hint of dark chocolate and butterscotch [Item #585]
  William Larue Weller 2015 Release--SOLD OUT    750 ml
[Item #483]
  Yearling  ($29.99)   375 ml
Smooth Ambler [Item #746]

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